Kids Shows

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for volunteering at Bike MS: Coastal Challenge.  Having you performing at our event was very special and definitely added to the event experience for many of our participants.  I was very impressed watching you!  I really appreciate you coming all the way to Ventura for our event.  Thank you so much, and I hope to work with you again in the future!  Five Stars (highest possible rating!)”  – Amy Dittmore, Development Manager, National Multiple Sclerosis Society

            “Thank you so much for coming to the Thanksgiving Day event at the Guadalupe Center – again!! We always appreciate your kindness and generosity!!” – Beth Laski, Guadalupe Center

            “Thank you! And thanks for your giving spirit :)!” – Stacey Parzik, Parties by Stacey

            “Thank you for being such a strong supporter.  Your kindness and contributions to making our show successful are legendary.  We are always in your debt!” – Bradd Fillman, director and producer for Dungeon Master, Innner City Arts

            “Hello Micah!  Thank you for coming. Like always, a pleasure to have you over today!  We always enjoy it!  Thank you!” – Natalie Chicas, Child Life and Recreational Therapy, Shriners Hospital for Children®-Los Angeles

“THANK YOU!!!!  We truly can’t thank you enough for everything!!!  I TRULY cannot THANK YOU enough for volunteering your time, talent, and smile at our Walk on April 23rd. You made it such a magical day for all who attended-especially our wish children. I was able to be a bystander for a little bit and was able to witness how special you made each and every person feel that you talked to (and interacted with).  The Wish Village area was a HIT and it was because it was filled with incredible people like YOU! You have a heart of gold.  It was truly a pleasure working with you and I hope to see you back again next year! Thank you so much again.  Again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for supporting all that Make-A-Wish stands for. You ROCK. =)” – Kristin Tomlinson, Manager, Wish Assists – Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles

“Thanks Micah!! You’re the best. We so appreciate you helping out with our events. The kids (and adults!) love you. So great to see you!  Xo!”  – Lisa Cassandra, Make-A-Wish Foundation

“Micah, thank you SO much again for your help with Burak – I know he was thrilled to get a private VIP magic show! And thank you for the Magic Castle invitation too – I’m so excited, I’ve been wanting to visit! 🙂  Thank you again for helping grant part of Burak’s wish on such short notice – we really appreciate it!” – Destini Bryant, Make-A-Wish Foundation

            “Hi Micah!  We received your card in the mail and it made us so happy!!!  Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity…we adore working with you and cant thank you enough for all you do for our kiddos!” – Kristin Tomlinson, Make-A-Wish Foundation  

Dear Micah, You’re the best ever in the world!  You taught us Magic and how to trick our parents!  You’re the greatest magician!”  – William (age 8)

“Try my friend Micah Cover.  He’s a terrific magician, hilarious, family friendly and perfect for your event.  He’ll take good care of you!  A guaranteed good time.  My referrals are always happy with Micah.”  – Magician John Abrams

             “A very good kid’s magician from the Magic Castle. He’s one of the only magicians I recommend to people, and one of the people I personally enjoy watching.  I promise you’ll be in great hands with Micah!” – Magic Mike Jacobson

            “When I’m out of town I refer all my clients to my friend Micah Cover. He’s a great guy with a lot of heart…  He’d do a wonderful job!” – magician Ryan Majestic

            “He’s a fantastic children’s entertainer and will do a great job for you!  I know you’ll love his performance!” – Magic Castle magician Matt Marcy

“Micah is one of the few magicians I entrust to my customers.  He is an excellent performer and will do a wonderful job for you!”  – former President of the Hollywood Chapter of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and Magic Castle magician Tim Mannix

            “I just wanted to thank you for your awesome show on Sunday. Tom and all the other kids had so much fun and they are still talking applaudably about your performance! As kids are brutally honest this is perhaps the nicest compliment you can get 🙂 so I wanted to share this with you!” – parent Birgit Bertram

            “Great show!  So perfect for kids! You really gotta be able to handle ’em & you were wonderful. We will keep you in mind for our next party!” – Abby Brammell

            “You did a fantastic job with the kids and their field trip last Friday morning. You had so much energy and humor that the kids just loved you.  I will most certainly refer you as our ‘Magician of Choice’ for events and parties!” – Benjamin Elisondo Jr., Director of Operations, Skirball Center

            “You were absolutely amazing!!  I heard TONS of compliments from many who saw you perform. The kids absolutely loved the balloons.  We are super grateful for your tremendous talents and goodwill!! I heard lots of ‘buzz’ at school today!  Thank you again!” – Naomi Kageyama, Brentwood Elementary Magnet School

            “Thanks again for your magic, balloon work and gift bags. We’ve gotten a number of compliments from people telling us that they had a great time at Daniel’s Bar Mitzvah party, and you were a huge part of that!  P.S. Jean wants to know how you made Daniel so magical!” – Len Dorsky

               “Micah is a joy to work with! I always get positive feedback about his performances from my client.” – Parties by Stacey

“Thank you so much for stepping in at the last minute!!! We really appreciate it. Everyone was impressed with your magic and said you were so great!  Noah speaks highly of you and was very honored that you were at his Bar Mitzvah!”  – Nelly Wisner

We are so grateful to you and your significant contribution to Jack’s birthday party fun! Everyone was very, very happy and kept asking me ‘Where did you find Micah?’ They all thought you were great (we did too). :)” – Michelle McGinty

“Thank you, Micah! Addie has been talking to anyone that will listen about the great magic show party she had.  I’ll spread the word!” – Tom Costain

Our COO said today, we want the “Child Whisperer,” and I knew exactly who he was talking about as you are such an amazing entertainer and the kids love you!” – Stephanie Shriver, Valley Hunt Country Club

“We worked with you for a party, and you were fantastic… thank you!  I look forward to working with you again in the future!” – Richard Yoo

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful performance at my daughter’s birthday party.  She and the other girls had a great time.  It was wonderful to be able to see the amazement & joy on all of their faces (and on the adults as well).  You not only are a great magician, but have a wonderful rapport with the kids!  Thank you again!” – Brandy Gebhardt-Nakano

You were an absolute hit yesterday.  The kids had a blast.  Thanks for everything.  All the best!” – Richelle Rios

Just to let you know, two of Jordan’s friends mentioned to me in the last week how much fun they had watching you at the Bar Mitzvah.  After two weeks, it’s nice to know Jordan and his friends are still talking about it!” – Ellynne Citron-Greenbaum

Your program at the Branch Library was terrific.  I counted over fifty-two people of all ages in attendance which is very impressive for an evening program.  No one left during your performance and you captured the attention of the entire crowd.  Thank you!” – Judith Jones, Encino-Tarzana Branch Library

The reason I am writing to you this evening is to tell you that my children had a wonderful time at your magic show at the Panorama City Library. It was extremely entertaining.  Thanks!” – Yvonne Ibanez

The kids LOVED the show and have watched the video every day since.
Thanks for a great show!” – Lynn Pandol

“Thanks again for a wonderful show!  As always!” – Teacher Anik Bonham, 2nd Grade, Brentwood Elementary Magnet School

  “Thanks again for today.  You were great!!  Can’t wait to have you back next year!” – Ashley Russell, Youth and Family Program Director, Palisades-Malibu YMCA

  “Micah, just wanted to say ‘THANK YOU’ so much for coming to my party.  You were such a hit!  People keep telling me how much they enjoyed the show!  Everyone loved the show.  You made the party extra special, thanks for dazzling us!!” – Miss Sarah Sunshine

  “Hi Micah!  Thank you!  We really enjoyed your show!  Anika enjoyed it and so did her friends!” – Jeannene Scearce

 Thank you so much for the show. I have to tell you…as a history buff, my favorite part of the show Saturday was your explanation of the history of illusions. It was fascinating!” – McGowan, Meredith McGowan, Pacoima/Los Angeles Public Library

“It was a great show you put on and a pleasure meeting you! 🙂  Thank you again!” –
Melanie Black

 I wanted to thank you for the wonderful performance today. I especially loved your performance because I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan 🙂  It was so enjoyable for the kids and also for the adults!” – Michele LaFemina, Reading/Math teacher at Park Century School, Culver City, CA

  “Awesome magic show!  Thanks!  It was a great show, the kids and adults had a blast!” – Adriana Green, Park Century School, Culver City, CA

  “Thank you for a great show, Micah! 🙂  The kids seemed to love it, especially the last trick with the paper bag!” – Malia Jones

 Client said she and the guests enjoyed your show very much so thank you for coming through for me at the last minute!” – Cathrine Woo, Entertainment Contractor

 “My daughter enjoyed your performance at her last birthday party and asked for you again!” – client Paul Bynum

 Thank you so much for entertaining our three colorful, inquisitive children at the Nova Center Grand Opening yesterday!” – Dede El-Atrache

  “Thanks so much for Smith’s awesome birthday!!!” – Michelle Borden

 “My kids and I loved the show!  You were amazing!  My son was so happy!  He said his friends at school were telling the kids who couldn’t make it all about the show.  Thank you!  Thank you, Micah!”
– Marisol Rodriguez

 “The kids love your show!  I’m so happy you are able to make it!  The kids at our camp love you, and it’s kind of a tradition to have you at our camp!” – Assistant Site Director for Webster Clubhouse, Stephanie S Duncan, Palisades-Malibu YMCA

  “You are always so awesome with the kids, and I recommended they continue to use the same vendors that we had great relationships with!”  – Ashley Russell, Associate Director of Development, STUART M. KETCHUM DOWNTOWN YMCA

 “Hello Micah!  We enjoyed your performance yesterday at the Mid Valley Branch Library!  Thank you and looking forward to seeing you at the Magic Castle!!” – Janette Barte

 “I was at the performance you gave at the North Hills Mid Valley Library. Thank you so much!  Your show was amazing! My kids really loved it!” – Lisa Marquez

 “I wanted to thank you for your contribution to our Make-A-Wish Luau.  I look forward to working with you very soon!” – Kelly Schumann, Manager, Medical Outreach, Make-A-Wish® Greater Los Angeles

“The kids love and have so much fun with you…. just a great joy watching them too!  Thank you very much!” – Rina Tham, Noble House Home Furnishings, repeat client

 “I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful show you put on at the party on Sunday. Everyone had a great time!  I just posted a very positive review on Yelp.  I would be happy to check you out at the Magic Castle anytime.  Thanks again!” – Gregory Peck, President, Crescent Hotel Group

“Hi Micah!  I just want to say thank you so much for your time and effort, I really appreciate it!  It was great working with you!” – Diana Tatevossian, La Acrobatic Gymnastics

“There was a lot of audience engagement. We thoroughly enjoyed your show and magic!  Thank you!” – Jackie Apuzzo, the Queen Mary/Chill attendee

 “Thank you for a delightful evening. Everyone enjoyed your show with the balance of magic and comedy.  I especially enjoyed watching your artful way you returned your volunteers to the task at hand.  I welcome your correspondence and will most certainly give you rave reviews.  Thank you for sending the card with the great picture. I am keeping it on my desk.  People are still talking about the great show you gave us!” – Lisa Widmann, Vice-Principal, Good Shepherd Catholic School

 “Hi Micah!  My family and I very much enjoyed your show at Good Shepherd!” – Danielle Colvert, Principal, Good Shepherd Catholic School

“Thank you for making Benjamin’s Bar Mitzvah unforgettable. All I would hear was the kids commenting about how they were amazed by your tricks.  We would love to refer business your way. Thank you again, I look forward to working with you in the future!” – Daisy Cazares, Event Coordinator, Sportsmen’s Lodge Events Center

“Thank you!  Getting sick is bad, but for kids on their birthday it’s really bad…  You made her smile!  It helped!  You made Ember’s day!  Thank you again!” – Sheremiah Eddo

“It’s you who I have to thank Micah for that unforgettable experience! I’m so happy! Thank you again, and I did leave a review and also yes please sign me up for the newsletters. 🙂 We couldn’t stop talking about our experience to my family and I’m absolutely grateful!!! Omg I’m still trying to figure out what happened lol!  YOU are AMAZING :)!  I’m still speechless!  My kids think I’m amazing the “Best Mom” ever lol!  We had an amazing day!!  We are all mindblown!  I found out I had another hidden talent thanks to the AMAZING MAGICIAN Micah!  Performing a card trick with Micah Cover in front of an audience!  I freaked myself out lol!  🙂  I’m still at a loss for words…  We can’t thank you enough!  My kids can’t wait to share this experience with everyone…  Words will never be enough though.  Thank you once again for our private show that you had us be a part of.  Omg Micah is incredible.  I can’t imagine anyone else making us feel more welcome!  Thank you so so much!  THANK YOU THANK YOU AGAIN!  THANK YOU THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!!” – Jessica Dominguez, The Queen Mary’s Chill

 “Hi Micah!  We booked you a few years back for my daughter’s Birthday party, and you were wonderful!  Thank you!” – Talin Vartanian

“My daughter Brianna & I saw your shows on Saturday at Chill. First, I must say, Brianna had best day of her life! She never laughed so much or had better time! Thank you for choosing her to be a part of your performances, I can’t tell you how nice it was to see her have such amazing time! We go to Disneyland & Universal Studios all the time & meet so many characters, but you, by far, were Brianna’s most favorite person she’s ever met! She hasn’t stopped talking about you since!  Yes, please send us newsletters, we’d love to keep in touch. If you have any shows, we’re definitely there! I also have friends to whom I’ll give your information.  I’m definitely going to write a review on yelp for you. If you’d like me to write to Chill I’d be happy to do that too. We’ve been going to Chill every year for the last 4 years & this year it was better than ever. The addition of the shows was wonderful!  Thank you so much for the magic castle invite! Once again, thank you so very much for everything! Thank you so very much!” – Olya McGuire

 “Our family really enjoyed your magic show and your humor, especially with the kids. The card trick (calling the student’s name out and putting all the cards in order of suit and number) was amazing! Thank you!” – Julie Fisher

“Thanks Micah for the fabulous magic show.  You did an amazing job with the kids!” – Hikari Freundlieb, Summer Art Academy

“Micah Cover is amazing! I’ve worked with him a number of times and the kids love him!” – Ellie Laycook, Temple Beth Hilel

“Always happy to refer you, Micah Cover. Your act is magical! Our customers love you!” – Playsource, Woodland Hills

I was contacted by someone from the Los Angeles County Library system and wrote back with some rave reviews for you. Hope it helps. Good luck!” – Kevin Awakuni, Pio Pico Public Library


“The kids took your magic class at Jefferson Elementary Burbank. They love you. They have seen other magicians in Vegas like Chris Angel and others, but they seem to know that you’re better!” – Jose Garcia

“Dear Mr. Cover, thank you soooo much for the fantastic magic show and class today at the Skirball. My boys and I had a great time!  Thank you so much again!” – Michele Rose

“Thank you for the wonderful workshop you gave to the kids at the Skirball!” – Julie Madorsky

“My family and I very much enjoyed your show at the Skirball Magic Sleepover this summer.  The kids had an absolute blast.  Thank you very much!  – Kevin Healy

Thank you so much! I will definitely have lots of nice things to say about you.  Both my kids had a fantastic time doing mathemagic. Thanks again!” – Lynsey Huleis, Jefferson Elementary

 “Thank you for such a fun evening at the Skirball, and I hope they will offer it again next summer!  All the best!” – Resmina Healy

“We really enjoyed your performance at the Skirball sleepover this past August; our daughter was amazed at some of the tricks you did!” – Renata Abraham

“Thank you for making Zoe’s magic class so great. She is having a blast and looks forward to her favorite hour of the day with you. Thanks so much!” – Bree Pessin

Thanks for all the work you do for Jefferson’s after school program. I know J.R. really enjoys the class!  – Winnie Westwood

Thank you so much for all your work with the kids over the summer.  Zach absolutely loved your magic class.  Once again, thank you.  Zach keeps amazing me with his tricks and refuses to show me the secrets.  Not even threats of grounding have worked.  You are the best!” – Beth Reff

Thank you so much Micah!  The kids have really enjoyed your class!  And the parents seem happy too ;)!” – Caroline Solberg, Afterschool Program Coordinator, Jefferson Elementary School

“The class was awesome!  Thanks Micah, and we will see you at The Magic Castle.  Thanks for doing the class!” – Ryan Young, Jefferson Elementary

 “My son Ethan is thoroughly enjoying your Math Magic class.  Thanks for helping Ethan learn and enjoy magic!!!” – Robert Cooper, Jefferson Elementary School

My daughters are students in your current Math Magic class.  They enjoy your class very much and are inspired to crack our their magic sets again! 🙂  Thank you!” – Charlene Lafontant, Jefferson Elementary School

“My daughter Bridget has taken your Mathmagic class at Riverside Drive this summer and loves it.  The 4-stack card trick was CRAZY.  She does it all the time with new guests…. it’s always a crowd pleaser.” – Catherine Wygal

 We hope to have you back for the magic classes.  The kids loved it!” – Alicia Berg, POWW / Bee University Enrichment Coordinator, Welby Way Charter Elementary School

 Micah, I enjoyed your performance today super much.  Aidan loved the class.  We would be delighted to see you perform live!” – Christopher Prouty, Summer Art Academy parent

 “Thank you again for making our event yesterday memorable.  It was so nice to hear the kids chuckling throughout the show and then pretend to do magic afterwards.  Thank you for making things work!!  We appreciate you being there!” – Patti Senior

“Thanks so much for all you do at camp… Conner loves your classes and is still putting on shows for us at home!  You’re a true gentleman!” – Jason Gossman, Summer Art Academy parent

 “Zachary and Eli truly had a wonderful experience in your class and have enjoyed making animal balloons and balancing things. Thank you for everything!  Thank you sooooooooooooo much Micah! ” – Ariella Reisner, Summer Art Academy parent

 Seneca LOVED your class this summer! In fact it was her favorite class at Art Camp! Thank you so much for all your hard work. Your show was fantastic! You gave Seneca a real passion for magic and now she wants to see/do more. Can we please come see you at the Magic Castle? Thanks!” – Debi Weiss, Summer Art Academy parent

  “Today’s magic show was fantastic.  Sabina loved your magic class and has already talked about taking another magic class next summer at Art Camp!  Thank you!” – Ylana Beller-Marino, Summer Art Academy parent

  “Micah, thank you again for all of your effort at Art Camp. Riley absolutely loved your class.  Thanks again!” – Tom Hoffman, Summer Art Academy parent

 “Thank you for the wonderful magic class at the Summer Art Academy.   My daughter Sophie was in your Tues/Thurs class.  You wouldn’t believe how many times she showed the tricks she learned.  Thank you again for your time and dedication in teaching these kids. You made their summer very special!” – Ly Fribourg

“Thanks again, Zach said he enjoyed it very much.  Very happy I found you!  Made my son very happy!” – Ted Hooper

  “My son Garrison Ma can’t stop talking about you after Mathemagic class each week at Monte Vista Elementary!  Thanks!” – Vanessa Lee

  “You have a great show, Jack loved your Mathemagic class, and I’m happy always to recommend you!” – Michelle McGinty, Bret Hart Elementary

  “I’m getting a lot of email from parents saying their kids LOVE the class. Thank you! –  Lesli Bjork, Bret Hart Elementary

  “Antonino is REALLY ENJOYING your class!  He’s fallen in love with magic.  Thank you! – Linda Bongiovanni, Round Meadow Elementary

We were very excited to have Nathan be part of your program this Spring! Thank you so much for teaching math in a creative way! Best regards!” – Kristine Kameya, Bret Harte Elementary

“I will NEVER FORGET YOU!…  What was your name again?” – Natalie, age 6, Wesley School, North Hollywood

 “Hello Micah!  Wanted to thank you. My daughter Olivia would come home excited every Tuesday!  Again, thank you for making her learning fun & memorable!” –
Brenda Perez-Orozco, Bret Harte Elementary, Burbank, CA

“YOU’RE THE BEST MAGICIAN I EVER MEANT!  My belly is full of sugar!  MY BELLY IS FULL OF SUGAR!” – Actual word-for-word testimonial, Gus, Age 8, Wesley School, North Hollywood

 “Hi Micah!  My son Aaron is doing your magic class.  He is so excited to do it that instead of only doing the 2 weeks we are coming for the full session!  Thanks again!” – Jane Kunitz

“Thanks! I just now got some feedback on the class from a mom saying her kids LOVED you!” – Magic Castle Magician and Magic Teacher Shawn McMaster

My sons had you as a teacher and LOVED being in your class.!  Thank you so much!
Parent Cheryl Perry

Liv has been enjoying your class…  Thank you so much for teaching her!  She is really loving it as she’s wanted to get into magic for quite sometime now.  It’s much appreciated.  All the best!” – Lalena Nash

Thank you so much! I definitely have lots of nice things to say about you. Both my kids had a fantastic time doing Mathemagic. Thanks again!” – Lynsey Hulies, Jefferson Elementary School

“My kids loved your class and are now bored with my lame hide the quarter tricks.  Thanks again!” – Brigham Kelly, Jefferson Elementary School

“My son loves your class. He is sorry he missed it this week!  He is looking forward to next week.  I just posted a very positive review on Yelp.  I would be happy to check you out at the Magic Castle anytime.  Thanks again!” – Gregory Peck, President, Crescent Hotel Group

Hi Mr. Cover!  My daughter Averi was recently in your Magic class at Welby Way Elementary. She loved the class!  Thanks!” – Elijah Whang

Hi Micah!  Nicky is still into magic and using the tricks you taught him and many more new ones. Thank you!” – AnnMarie Reebenacker

“I want to say that my daughter really enjoys this class, so thank you for your patience and hard work!  Thanks so much again!”- Alenush Ovasapyan

“My daughter LOVES this class!!!! Is there a schedule of when you will be performing at the Magic Castle?? (We will so be using those passes, thank you 🙂 We will be registering ASAP for this next session-she seriously repeats the class word for word for me….every single week…..:) thanks!!! (Yes to the newsletter please) Yelp review on its way!” – Jennifer Audette, Jefferson Elementary, Mathmagic

“Hi!  Thank you for the brownies you sent me in the mail, for, um, and thank you for the, um, invitations to the Magic Castle!  I just can’t wait to go there, Micah!” – video sent via text by Private Magic Lesson Student Mischa, 6 ½ years old

“My son was in a couple of your classes last year at Art Camp.  Since, his little brother has about 50 tricks he shows off to his class and friends.  Many thanks, especially for inspiring my boys to love magic!” – Sherri Hopeman Weiner

“The kids do love your classes!” – Elizabeth Paravicini, Summer Art Academy

“Hi Micah!  My daughter is in your Harry Potter class, which she is LOVING!  Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with the Harry Potter class!” – Jackie Cuesta, Pasadena Christian Elementary

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