I just wanted to thank you for your awesome show. Tom and all the other kids had so much fun, and they are still talking ‘applaudably’ about your performance! As kids are brutally honest, this is perhaps the nicest compliment you can get :-)!” – parent Birgit Bertram

Imagine a show where YOUR child is the star of a Highly Interactive Magic Show – where THEY make the magic happen! YOUR CHILD will be the MAGICIAN! They’ll be doing things effortlessly that they can’t explain and never thought possible – and your guests will be AMAZED! Even PARENTS are WOWED by this show!

Then imagine the show being followed by YOUR CHOICE of By-Request Animal Balloons (always a child favorite) OR a Highly Interactive Juggling Show – where, once again, YOUR CHILD is the STAR! They’ll be doing things with kid-friendly juggling equipment that they never knew they could do before! Some parents even order BOTH the balloons AND the juggling – it’s all up to YOU.

Shows can even be tailor-made to a Harry Potter theme or even MathMagic! And YOUR CHILD is the center of it all!

“The kids love and have so much fun with you…. just a great joy watching them too! Thank you very much!” – Rina Tham, Noble House Home Furnishings, repeat client

The Highly Interactive Full Hour Juggling Show

YOUR CHILD – and even MORE kids from the audience – WILL be juggling with me (have your camera handy)! The kids will be using kid-friendly professional juggling equipment that they can try during the show – no skill or practice required! This full hour of entertainment even ends with Free Play where the kids get to try the juggling on their own, take turns with different juggling toys and more! This includes a take-home Professional Juggling Kit for YOUR CHILD that includes professional scarves, bean bags, instructions and MORE!

All this is for $350!

Strolling Juggling

Have a more informal event? Do you want a Strolling Juggler to walk from person to person, group to group, interacting with YOUR GUESTS where THEY will be juggling THEMSELVES – NO SKILL OR PRACTICE REQUIRED? Look no further! Strolling Juggling is for YOU!

All this is for $300 for the first hour, and only $200 each hour after that!

Call me NOW at (818) 281-5780 or email me NOW with all the info at [email protected]!

“My son loves your class, and I am grateful for the great job you are doing!” – Mary Feegel

Does YOUR CHILD want to learn how to become a Mesmerizing Magician, a Jammin’ Juggler, or an Absolutely, Brilliantly Astonishing Animal Balloon Artist? Do they want to learn all three? Now they can! Depending on location and YOUR schedule and convenience, Private Lessons take place IN YOUR HOME – no need to drive anywhere! – and include all needed supplies. While these arts can take a lifetime to master, lessons are designed so that your child can start sharing these skills immediately. And they’ll just get better and have more to share with each lesson!

All this is for just $100 an hour private or group, after school programs also available! Discounted rates are available if multiple lessons are paid in advance!

Call me NOW at (818) 281-5780 or email me NOW with all the info at [email protected]!

The kids love your show! I’m so happy you are able to make it! It’s a tradition to have you at our camp!” – Assistant Site Director for Webster Clubhouse, Stephanie S Duncan, Palisades-Malibu YMCA

Does your school or festival need an experienced, fun and funny entertainer for a staged event? Imagine a Highly Interactive Magic Castle Family Magic Act where YOUR attendees are the STARS! Acts can include magic, juggling, or BOTH – and can be customized to fit YOUR needs! MathMagic Assemblies – where math meets magic in an UNFORGETTABLE SHOW – are also available!

Call me NOW at (818) 281-5780 or email me NOW with all the info at [email protected] so we can create the perfect show YOU need!


Charity Shows

“Having you perform was very special! I was very impressed watching you! Thank you so much, and I hope to work with you again in the future! Five Stars (highest possible rating!)” – Amy Dittmore, Development Manager, National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Does your charity or non-profit event need a little… MAGIC? What better way to celebrate your wonderful cause with a LOT of WONDER?

Call me NOW at (818) 281-5780 or email me NOW with all the info at [email protected]!